Rattar Chattar


Before 1947 the majority of population were muslims. After the partition of India, the muslim population left this village and went to Pakistan. Now majority of the villagers are sikhs and few christians living in the village.

This Village is very famous in this region, because of its old muslim temple and its celebration day. Currently population of the village is about 1000 persons. It has two Sikh temples (Guruduwars) and one church.

Rattar Chattar, a remote village on the Indo-Pak border, have been preserving a 300-year-old building since Independence. After the independence ,the villagers came to know that the building was constructed by the family of Saint Mia Mir. 

Following facilities are available to the residents of Rattar chattar.

– kindergarten, elementary and middle school
– Clean water,playground for children and three little grocery shops

The main source of income is agriculture.Majority of people are farmers. Around 25% of residents are poor.