Sukhwant Singh, 1963, Switzerland President of Sant Parivar Trust (SPT)

All the time we visit our birth place “Rattar Chattar”, we noticed that there is number famlies suffering of poverty and injustice.Children of the poor are not getting good education and the income source of the poor section of the society (labourer & farmers) are decreasing day by day. The administration and politics of the country have become very corrupt and protecting criminals. 
Santparvar have decided to uplift the living standards of the whole village. Therefore in 2005 we started to develop ideas, how our village could be made self sufficient und independent.

Our Mission & Objectives
Concerning above circumstance we decided to provide facilities and infrastructure for poor families adn their children. In 2005 we decided to develop an optimal facilities and infrastructure in Rattar Chattar, which enables and empowers the villagers to become self-dependent and self-sufficent. We would like to uplift the education standard of the elementary education as in Europe (German and Switzerland).We would like to provide resting place for senior citizens.We would like to provide modern infrastructure for local administration.We would like to provide evening classes for small farmers to improve their income sources.We would like to provide solar electricity to complex and villagers.We would like to transform our Village in a model village.
As the response from the local authority is not very convincing, we decided to found a trust called “Santparvar“, which should manage all the development activities/projects in Rattar Chattar.