Our project objectives are:

  • Improve quality and standard of life 
  • Delevlop multipurpose infrastructure for education and other community needs 
  • Provide free and good education to the chidlern belongs to poor section of the society
  • Education and improving incomes sources of small farmers and labouer
  • Center and Services to the senior citizens such as free meal and medical care
  • Provide better public services through computerization and modern facilities 
  • Creating awareness concerning pollution, side effects of fertilizer, pesticide and ground water problems 
  • Creating awareness concerning green energie such as Solar panels to generate electricity 
  • Water and waste management 
  • Supporting womens education and skills


0Project description 15.09.200415.09.2005completeInitial negotiation and discussion with local and state government. 
Contacts: DC, local MLA, Panchayat
1Multipurpose infrastructure15.09.200931.12.2010completeBuilding is almost constructed: 
Stage 1: complete
Stage 2: complete
Stage 3: almost complete
Stage 4: starts April and end arround Sept. 09 
Stage 5: no started
2Improving basic education   Stopped due to hurdele created by the supporter of the current regime 
3Connecting Rattar Chattar to World through internet technology April 2009September 2009 completeA Webseite ist launched. It can be reached by this link “www.” 
4Doors and Windows April 2009 September 2010 Complete 
5Einvironment, Plants & Flowers20152016Planning stage complete  
6Starting Kindergarten and primary education2015 planning stage  
7Start evening or weekend courses 
for farmers & labourer
2016 planning stage  
8Start Senior Citizens 
2016 planning stage  
9Solar Panels for electricity production2020 At the moment no activities 
10Free Kitchen for Childern and Senior Citizens2020