Trust Family Background

Santparivar Trust

Our Values
our family believes in peace and harmony. Our parents Pritam Kaur and Sant Gurcharan Singh have taught us to contribute to community for better and peaceful society. Mainly they learnt us to help the weaker section of the society and fight injustice. With this inspiration we have started this project.

Family background
My parents were born in Pakistan near Sialkot. In 1947 after division, a new state i.e. Pakistan was created. Most of the hindus and sikhs living in Pakistan were forced to leave. With their family members they crossed the border near Waga and took refuge in India. My mother was 12 and my father was 20 years old. My mother left Pakistan with one of her 5 sisters.the other family members were not be able the come to India. They were forced to convert to Islam. My father came to India with his elder brother and sister because his parents died in Pakistan. Most of the families, who fledged from Pakistan had lost every thing and were very poor. They had to work very hard as labourers. 

After few months they came to Rattar Chattar. As both my father and mother were alone. There was nobody to take care of them, so they decided to marry each other. My parents told me sometime they had to sleep hungry because there was nothing to eat. They worked very hard and with the little money they earned, they helped other people too. My mother gave birth to 9 sons and 3 of them died. As they were unable to pay for proper medicine and doctor fee. 

With lot of hard work they managed to provide a little bit of education to the rest of the 6 sons (Sukhwant, Jagjit, Kultar, Jorawar, Harbhajan and Datar) . During 1984 militancy period four of the sons (Sukhwant, Jajgjit, Kultar und Jorawar) left punjab and went to Europe and USA. There they are very successfull and became wealthy. 

As they have noticed that there birth place peoples are still suffering from poverity and injusitce. The poor childerens are not getting good education and the income source of the poor are becoming bad and bad. The administration and politics of the conutry have become corrupt and criminals. 

Our Mission & Objectives
– Concerning above circumstance we decided to provide facilities and infrastructure for poor children and families. 

– In 2005/2006 have decided to develop an optimal infrastructure in Rattar Chattar, which should enable and empower the people to become self dependent. 
– We would like to uplift the education standard of the elementary education as in Europe (German and Switzerland)
– We would like to provide resting place for senior citizens
– We would like to provide modern infrastructure for local administration
– We would like to provide evening classes for small farmer for to improve their income sources
– We would like to provide solar electricity to complex and villages
– We would like to develop our Village as a model village

As the response from the local authority is not very convincing, we decided to found a trust called “Santparvar”, which should take care of all the development activities.

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