Socrates International Academy

The objectives of the Socrates International Academy are:

To provide world class elementary education, that empowers our future generation to become successful and competitive in global world.To offer high quality education for all levels of society at an affordable price.

To uplift the standard of elementary education in this region

To ease the access for our students to foreign regions such as Europe, America, Canada and Australia

To make our future generation successful professionally is the main focus of our institution

We offer elementary education, which is based on the following board, standards, values and norms:Our school is an English school. Punjabi and Hindi are also taught from the Kindergarten onward. The school syllabus is derived from and comply with the CBSE, PSEB and European education requirements

The administration and monthly fees are affordable. Tuition classes are offered in the school. No fee for Tuition is charged. This school is a day boarding school. Books and Homework stay in the school.

Qualified staff such as BA, and MA are appointed

Our School is linked to CBSE-Board and foreign countries

We offer a special personality development program for our students

Our student get the basic training from the VI Class as preparation for tests such as Punjab Police, Army, Government Services. 

We will also provide health checks and healthy food facilities for our students 

From the 9th grad onward, it will offer an IB (International baccalaureate) program in cooperation with the IB-Board, which enables our student to study aboard, for instance in Australia, USA or the UK.

We provide a clean, healthy and safe school environment

Parents are specially engaged to educate their children and make them successful

Regular parent meetings are offered to listen to the parent’s concerns and suggestions

We offer our teachers special and state of the art teaching programs (Tools and Skills)