Volunteer Teaching Trip to Socrates

2019 Teaching Volunteers @ Socrates International Academy

In the summer heat of 2019, Ormala, Riona, my mother in law, Jaya and I had travelled to Rattar Chhattar village. We were all set to teach at a small village school in rural Punjab, India.

I had organised the trip with Sukhwant Singh, a dear friend of mine who has settled in Basel since 1984. We met at a conference in Zurich in 2004 and had remained in contact ever since. On a visit to our home in London back in 2018, Sukhwant had talked about his pet project in Punjab, the Socrates International Academy which he had established through his personal funds. Ormala, my better half was taken up with the idea of visiting Punjab which she only knew from watching Bollywood movies. The thought of teaching with her mother and daughter in rural Punjab captivated her mind. The school desperately needed international teaching expertise. Sukwant was instrumental in giving us the opportunity to experience simple living in a village as well as a chance to give back to society.

We spent a week in the school. Ormala and her mother had teaching experience in Singapore in their early years which was put to good use. The week flew by with much time spent with teachers and students imparting knowledge and teaching experience.

By: Rakesh Dighe, London

Socrates International Academy School
Sukhwant Singh, Founder of Socrates International Academy at a cultural event performed by its students in 2019
Kindergarten classroom teaching in progress
Ormala revisiting fractions and LCM in Grade 6 maths class
Morning school assembly
Yellow school bus for students and teachers
Popcorn man with smiling children outside the school