Calls for Covid-19 Support

The school needs urgent assistance in the following areas:

  • To assist with payment of fees and school books for children whose families are impacted by loss of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The school currently waives fees from these children. (approximate costs for books and uniform of USD 15,000 p.a. for the entire population of 300 students)

  • To assist with the purchase of smartphones or tablets for 40 children who are unable to attend virtual classes due to the pandemic. (approximate costs of USD 8,000 including annual wifi)

  • To assist with increased expenditure due to internet and technical support costs associated with online classes. (approximate costs of USD 6,000 p.a.)

  • To assist with payment of teachers salaries following the steep drop in fee collection as a result of the pandemic. (approximate costs of USD 35,000 p.a. for teaching staff salaries)