Sant Parivar Trust

Our Mission & Objectives

To create a model village in India with education and ‘smart’ infrastructure to make its people self-sufficient and connected to the outside world – within and outside India.

Sant Parivar Trust established in 2005, a Registered Charity in India (Registration Number : DIC/BTL 5523/2009-10), aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide improved education facilities and standards specially for the less privileged.

  • Equal education opportunities for all sections of society regardless of gender, social class or religion.

  • Fit for purpose improved infrastructure to improve standard of living.

  • To obtain uninterrupted electricity supply using renewable sources.

  • Improve connectivity between local village administrators and residents of the village.

  • Provide evening classes for small farmers to increase their literacy and environmental awareness.

  • Improve general environmental, health and sanitation awareness.

  • To develop the village and attract tourism given the proximity to the newly constructed Kartarpur Corridor. This Corridor is a visa-free border crossing connecting India with Gurdwara Darba Sahib in Pakistan. It is a popular pilgrimage site as it is founded by the first Sikh Guru in 1504 CE.