Socrates International Academy

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”

― Socrates, Greek philosopher

Objectives are to provide:

  • Equal educational opportunities for all regardless of gender, social class or religion

  • Access to good standards of education at affordable fees

  • Means tested free education to the less privileged

  • Improved hard and soft skillset for the youth so that they become productive citizens

  • Jobs in the education sector

School Offerings:

The school is an English medium school. Punjabi and Hindi are also taught from kindergarten onwards. The school syllabus is derived from and complies with the Indian CBSE and PSEB requirements.

Affordable school fees. Extra tuition classes are also offered in the school with no additional fees. This school is a mixed day school for both girls and boys.

Qualified, mostly female staff with university degrees such as BA and MA are appointed. Foreign trained teaching volunteers aid in teacher training programmes.

Students get access to basic training from Grade 6 onwards to prepare for entrance examinations associated with the Punjab Police, Indian Army as well as government services. 

The school also provides health checks for its students as well as healthy snacks for the kindergarten children. 

Regular parent teacher meetings to keep parents engaged on the progress of their child/children. This is also a forum to hear parents’ concerns as well as suggestions for improvement.